God Does His Best Work During Dark, Hopeless Saturday Situations

In the Christian perspective I think of one word when I think of disappointment.  It’s the word Saturday. On the weekend Jesus was crucified, Saturday was a very dark day. The resurrection of Jesus is a three-day account. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Death, Burial, Resurrection. Beginning. Middle. End. Fear. Silence. Deliverance.  Saturday was a devastating day for thoseContinue reading “God Does His Best Work During Dark, Hopeless Saturday Situations”

Why You Shouldn’t Talk About Jesus This Holiday Season

Years ago I was serving in a church in Tennessee where a male leader in the church wanted to meet with me.  It was the Monday after Thanksgiving.  He had told me that he and his wife just had the worst Thanksgiving of their lives and it was all of their adult daughter’s fault.  AtContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Talk About Jesus This Holiday Season”

6 Questions to Ask in Order to Become Great This Year.

Today, and for as long as history records, the goal of each person is to make as much money and have as much power as they possibly can so that everyone would serve them and they wouldn’t have to serve others. Some examples? Baristas. I’m pretty certain “barista” is the Greek word for “punching bag”. Continue reading “6 Questions to Ask in Order to Become Great This Year.”

13 Statements on Dating and Christianity

Whether you’re 40 and single, or 16 and single, if you desire to be married, that desire is good and it’s from God, so align your emotions with what God wants for you, and not what everyone else is doing.  Here are 13 biblical values I see when it comes to dating and Christianity:  (1)Continue reading “13 Statements on Dating and Christianity”

4 Proofs God is Moving in Your Life

For the majority of people who love Jesus, they have been waiting for God to show up in their lives and do what they know He can do. God’s people (the church) want Him to move in their lives. I want God to move in your life, in your home, in your work, in yourContinue reading “4 Proofs God is Moving in Your Life”

Do People Who Commit Suicide Go To Heaven Or Hell?

Suicide doesn’t have any national boundaries, or generational boundaries, or economic boundaries. It’s a phenomenon that transcends beyond any box we try to put it in.  Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. 121 suicides occur in America each day. That’s 5 lives gone every hour. For every suicide thatContinue reading “Do People Who Commit Suicide Go To Heaven Or Hell?”

3 Ways to Rid Envy

Pastor Craig Groeschell says that, The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else.  At no other point in history than right now has there ever been so much opportunity to compare ourselves to others. It’s mainly because of this blessing and burden culture calls: social media.  My ability toContinue reading “3 Ways to Rid Envy”

Raising Our Standard of Giving

One of the highest ways you can love someone is to remove the obstacles in their path to following Jesus. The highest way I can love you is to remove anything that stands between you and growing in Christ. If sin is in the way, I want to allow God to remove it by sharingContinue reading “Raising Our Standard of Giving”

What Every Parent Should Be Downloading Into Their Child (1,900 words of parenting advice)

Back in the day when I was a pre-teen, I used to make mixtapes. Those born in 1990 or later probably don’t know what a mixtape is. A mixtape is a cassette tape (Google it) with favorite songs inserted on it to listen to. It’s an archaic Pandora playlist. It took tremendous patience and focusContinue reading “What Every Parent Should Be Downloading Into Their Child (1,900 words of parenting advice)”

3 Areas of Your Life To Evaluate in Order to Grow

I read a news story about a woman who is raising 8 children. With 8 kids there’s always a lot of activity in her home. One day mom of 8 was coming back to her house after spending time with a neighbor, and as she was walking into her backyard she noticed that her homeContinue reading “3 Areas of Your Life To Evaluate in Order to Grow”