3 Practical Steps for Thriving Relationships

Everyone needs wisdom in their relationships. If you’ve got all of your relationships figured out and they’re thriving and are at peace and don’t need improving, we’ll see you on the next blog post. You can stop reading. Every single person, no matter the age or stage of life, guy or gal, single or married,Continue reading “3 Practical Steps for Thriving Relationships”

The One Thing Happy People Have and How to Get It.

This blog submission is the second piece of a two part series entitled, The Secret to Happiness. Part 1 can be read here. The truly happy people in your life have one thing (and I don’t mean happy people who are paid to be happy like those who work at Chick Fit A or any otherContinue reading “The One Thing Happy People Have and How to Get It.”

The Secret to Happiness (Part 1 of 2)

Every single day we are inundated  with images and marketing and videos telling us how to attain happiness.  Marketers are throwing ads at us through our phone, on Facebook, on billboards, on banners, on TV, at the bottom of every article we read – and what all of these ads are telling is in anContinue reading “The Secret to Happiness (Part 1 of 2)”