6 Ways God Reveals Himself to Us

Would you like to know where in the world God is at in your life? Here’s a promise God makes to you, You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13) There are six ways God has chosen to reveal Himself to us when we seek afterContinue reading “6 Ways God Reveals Himself to Us”

When You Can’t Do Life On Your Own Anymore

Do you want to make a positive influence on your relationships?  Do you want to improve each room you walk into?  Do you want to get through a difficult time in an honoring way as others are watching you suffer?  It’s embedded in my worldview that these people believe they can do it, but onlyContinue reading “When You Can’t Do Life On Your Own Anymore”

4 Proofs God is Moving in Your Life

For the majority of people who love Jesus, they have been waiting for God to show up in their lives and do what they know He can do. God’s people (the church) want Him to move in their lives. I want God to move in your life, in your home, in your work, in yourContinue reading “4 Proofs God is Moving in Your Life”

Choose a Rhythm of Rest or Ruin Your Life

God has blessed my wife and I with two very active, young daughters. When it comes time for bedtime or a necessary nap time, they both fight the idea of laying down as if their mom and I were asking them to go swimming with sharks.  Rest time is abhorred by our children. They’ve evenContinue reading “Choose a Rhythm of Rest or Ruin Your Life”

Raising Our Standard of Giving

One of the highest ways you can love someone is to remove the obstacles in their path to following Jesus. The highest way I can love you is to remove anything that stands between you and growing in Christ. If sin is in the way, I want to allow God to remove it by sharingContinue reading “Raising Our Standard of Giving”

What Every Parent Should Be Downloading Into Their Child (1,900 words of parenting advice)

Back in the day when I was a pre-teen, I used to make mixtapes. Those born in 1990 or later probably don’t know what a mixtape is. A mixtape is a cassette tape (Google it) with favorite songs inserted on it to listen to. It’s an archaic Pandora playlist. It took tremendous patience and focusContinue reading “What Every Parent Should Be Downloading Into Their Child (1,900 words of parenting advice)”

3 Areas of Your Life To Evaluate in Order to Grow

I read a news story about a woman who is raising 8 children. With 8 kids there’s always a lot of activity in her home. One day mom of 8 was coming back to her house after spending time with a neighbor, and as she was walking into her backyard she noticed that her homeContinue reading “3 Areas of Your Life To Evaluate in Order to Grow”

7 Questions for Each Gender to Ask Before Dating Someone

Happy Valentine’s Day. For those dating, it can be romantic. For those not dating, it can be lonely. For those married, it can be forced or enjoyable. For the husbands who didn’t know today is V-day, hope the dog makes room for you. Love is in the air around Valentines’ day and that means stupidContinue reading “7 Questions for Each Gender to Ask Before Dating Someone”

Waiting on God to Answer Us

In Genesis chapter 12, God promises barren Abraham and Sarah that they will have a child. The excitement and hope that promise brought must’ve dimmed in belief with each passing year it did not become a reality. In fact, 24 years go by and Abraham and Sarah are still not pregnant when God shows upContinue reading “Waiting on God to Answer Us”