What I Tell Engaged Couples Ahead Of Their Wedding Day

As a pastor I have the privilege of being asked to officiate weddings. When asked to officiate a husband-to-be and a wife-to-be, I sit down with the engaged couple 4-5 times to do some pre-marital counseling with the hopes of preparing them for the greatest human-to-human relationship available from God.  My main goal in counselingContinue reading “What I Tell Engaged Couples Ahead Of Their Wedding Day”

The Three Types of Marriages

When a romantic relationship is starting out, what gets things going are fun dates and making memories combined with butterflies of infatuation.¬† If the dating relationship leads to an eventual marriage, fun dates and making memories take a back seat to working a job, stressing over bills, running errands daily, tending to kids constantly andContinue reading “The Three Types of Marriages”

The Secret to Happiness (Part 1 of 2)

Every single day we are inundated¬† with images and marketing and videos telling us how to attain happiness.¬† Marketers are throwing ads at us through our phone, on Facebook, on billboards, on banners, on TV, at the bottom of every article we read – and what all of these ads are telling is in anContinue reading “The Secret to Happiness (Part 1 of 2)”