God Does His Best Work During Dark, Hopeless Saturday Situations

In the Christian perspective I think of one word when I think of disappointment.  It’s the word Saturday. On the weekend Jesus was crucified, Saturday was a very dark day. The resurrection of Jesus is a three-day account. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Death, Burial, Resurrection. Beginning. Middle. End. Fear. Silence. Deliverance.  Saturday was a devastating day for thoseContinue reading “God Does His Best Work During Dark, Hopeless Saturday Situations”

Attend Church Like You’re At A JT Concert

One of the earliest depictions outside of the Bible of the early church was from a guy named Pliny (rhymes with skinny). Pliny was the governor of a Roman province in Turkey. He wrote a letter to his Roman emperor who was asking questions about these people who were following “the Way”. The emperor wasContinue reading “Attend Church Like You’re At A JT Concert”

Changing Our Perspective in Hardship

Many people right now are being asked by God to endure hardship. There are marriage problems, parenting issues, infertility heartaches, stress at work, addictions, loneliness, there’s financial problems, health issues –all around there is hardship. Are you being asked by God to endure hardship right now? I hope this perspective helps: Hardship isn’t punishment fromContinue reading “Changing Our Perspective in Hardship”