DSC_1177My name is Zach Stewart. You can call me, “Z”. I’m a husband to Whit, a dad to two daughters and I try to be a dedicated, daily follower of Jesus. These four people in my life, I don’t deserve any one of them. 

I’m hastily passionate about helping people in life’s mess and inviting them to help me in mine. I desire to see others experience the freedom and joy authenticity brings, what dealing with conflict gently brings, what forgiving others brings, what serving others and considering them better than ourselves brings, what trying to obey Jesus daily brings.

Take what you can and give credit to God. Read what you will and send love, improvements or threats. I love you the same.

Also, feel free to send any questions or comments about your daily journey through life’s mess. I’ll write about anything – except all things Boston sports.

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