Finding God’s Will For Your Life (How To Discover Your Calling)

A year ago today, July 15, 2020, I took a lunch break to visit my wife and kids who were hanging out with friends at a nearby splash pad/playground. 

Little did I know that my wife, pregnant with triplets, would be rushed to the hospital hours later and be told her water broke and the babies weren’t going to survive the night. 

Many people know the ending and have been with us prayerfully and emotionally this past year. My family and I are grateful beyond words for your support and presence in our pain (if you don’t know about this season of ours, you can read about it here).

What people don’t know is that when I found out Whit was rushed to the hospital, I dropped our daughters off at a friends home and drove to Detroit to be with her. And on the drive, I had two prayer requests. They would be the same two prayer requests that I would have driving to the hospital to spend the day with my wife for the next 18 days and then driving home to be with our daughters at night.

One of the two prayer requests was: 

(1) Lord, give me Your strength to be a rock for my wife. 

I promised God that I would show all of my fear to Him if He would show my faith in Jesus to Whit. 

See, Whit’s body was involuntarily shaking the night she was admitted. She had put so much unnecessary pressure on herself to protect the babies inside her and it had turned into an impossible battle between her mind and her body. She was shaking and she didn’t want to shake.

I had a friend print on a large banner Psalm 55:22, which says, “Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous be shaken.

I hung the banner in her room at eye level where she could see it every moment fear crept into her mind.  

I brought pictures of our family and our memories and taped them all over her hospital room. I had our daughters write a card to Whit every day and taped them on the wall. We prayed together out loud more than we ever have our entire marriage, and this in itself was a blessing.

Her body stopped shaking because the anxiety of the unknown wouldn’t shake our faith.  

Not only was I able to ugly cry on each drive to and from the hospital and then be strong for Whit in support and love, but Whit was able to be such an example of faith in her hospital room that doctors, nurses, practitioners, cafeteria workers and janitors all cried tears of overwhelming amazement at this woman’s faith in Jesus.

The other prayer request I had each day back and forth from the hospital was: 

(2) Father, please don’t allow me to have a faith in You that is conditional. 

Meaning, if these babies die, I didn’t want it to harm my love for God. If these babies had long-term health complications, I didn’t want to get angry at God. If my wife was threatened with a life-threatening infection (which occurred), I didn’t want to let go of my commitment to Jesus. 

I wanted to be a rock for Whit, through the power of the Spirit, and I wanted to have a faith in Jesus with no strings attached to it. 

Did I pray for God to do the miraculous and sustain the lives of those three babies inside my wife? Of course I did. Did I beg God to protect the health of my wife? Of course I did. Did I pray for God to lead the church I was serving as we had just come back to in-person worship a year ago? Of course I did. 

It’s just those prayers weren’t primary. 

The health of my wife, the health of the babies, the health of the church we served weren’t my gods. Jesus was and Jesus is. He is primary. He is center. He is my life. 

I didn’t want this trial to give me a reason to be mad at God just because He didn’t give me what I wanted and I didn’t want this trial to be wasted with me complaining or being selfish by not being there for my wife in her most dire point of need. 

Since that day the Gospel has been preached through our tragedy and so many people have had their faith in God grow because they witnessed the testimony of our faith. Those are the miracles I deeply care about and am grateful for. 

Lately there’s been a theme in my conversations with people who are seeking for God’s will in their lives. They want an open door. They want clarity. They want to do big things for God. They want an influence. They’re bouncing around life like a frog on lily pads searching for the big thing God wants them to do. 

Let me share this as plainly and as lovingly as I can: God’s will is not as exciting as you think it should be. God’s will is found in the mundane. Impact is not found from a stage in front of throngs of people who are awed by one’s talents and presence. Impact is found in those who are faithful to God in the utter confusion of life’s brokenness. 

It’s a very dangerous prayer for you to ask for God’s will in your life (especially if you’re confused about the concept of God’s will). God’s will is not for you to make a difference. God’s will is not for you to change the world. He will make a difference. He will change the world.

God’s will is for you to be faithful. 

And that’s a dangerous prayer because it’s the painful seasons that show how closely our behavior lines up with our beliefs in Christ. 

It’s that too generic of an answer for you, it shouldn’t be. Whatever hopes/adventures/plans you have for your future, go after them. Go after them full speed after praying on it and seeking wisdom from others, but, whether they work out in the way you want or not, be faithful. Have specific goals and aspirations, be faithful no matter the outcome.

If you get mad at God because He won’t give you what you want, it shows you do have a conditional faith in God and you won’t be a rock for others in their pain.

Every day. In the pain. In the confusion. In the heartache. In the fatigue. In the let down. Be faithful. 

If that’s not appeasing to you, Christian, then maybe you love a future opportunity more than you love Jesus.

Your calling in life is not to find out how to align your giftings, passion and dreams and ask God to rubber stamp it all as His will. Your calling is to be faithful no matter what. 

No matter if the finances get tight, be faithful. 
No matter if the job gets lost, be faithful. 
No matter if it’s cancer, be faithful. 
No matter if a dating or married couple break up, be faithful. 
No matter if you had a horrible upbringing as a child, be faithful. 
No matter if you’ve been bullied, attacked and emotionally abused, be faithful. 
No matter if the people around you run into the world to give them their satisfaction and identity, be faithful.
No matter if you can’t find love, can’t have a child, can’t reconcile with loved ones, be faithful. 

When you let go of Jesus you let go of your calling. 

A year later after seeing my wife daily refuse to let go of Jesus – even while letting go of three of her children, and her dream of giving birth and holding breathing babies – she has made such an impact in my life and in the lives of those around her.

Today she’s going back to the splashpad/playground with friends to live another grateful, faithful day.

Praise God for my wife’s faith. Praise God for our trial. Praise God for Jesus Christ. Praise God He’s given us another day to be faithful to Him no matter what happens.

You are loved.


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Follower of Jesus, daily. Husband of Whitney. Father of Crosbee Lane and Izzy Cate. Lead Servant at Twin Oaks Christian Church ( Thankful for God's grace and patience.

2 thoughts on “Finding God’s Will For Your Life (How To Discover Your Calling)

  1. Zach: first I want to say how sorry I am about both you and Whit’s loss. But how grateful I am for both of your Faithfulness, you both are a amazing Christian example. thank You for Sharing 😇


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